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Rosalie Ungar, author of “In a Heartbeat” is featured in the January/February issue of Healthy New Albany.  Her breakout book, while centered on living with atrial fibrillation, is a guide to overcoming obstacles and taking on life as it is presented. This article describes how this 80 years young woman embracing a healthy lifestyles and can be found on newsstands, or online at Healthy New Albany, her book can be found on Amazon .

Peanut Butter on the Wall and Marshmallows in the Microwave Memories of Raising Six Hannas in Gahanna by Margaret Leis Hanna (Peg)is a collection of stories and reflections from two only children who raised five boys and one girl. The author takes the reader through the rooms of the two Hanna houses with stories of  happenings in those rooms. Some are funny. Some are sad. Some are hair-raising. All are true. Readers of any size family can relate to: "I didn't do it. STOP IT" and "It's not my turn."