Song of Joy

By Brenda Layman

In November of 2004, tragedy struck. Brenda’s daughter, Carol, took her own life. With her world in pieces, Brenda struggled to find a way to survive. She searched for guidance, and found little encouragement. For the loved ones left behind after a suicide, it seemed there was scant hope of recovery. As a writer, Brenda turned to journaling as she fought her way through the shock and grief that encompassed her and her family. She determined that, if she found a way to rebuild her life, she would write a book to encourage others who found themselves in a similar place, a guide to recovery from sorrow. The book, “Song of Joy,” finally emerged.

Song of Joy has been made available through bookstores, funeral homes, and churches. Readers have commented that the book is one of very few grief resources that really helped them. Many people have purchased the book as a gift for someone close to them in a time of bereavement.

“Someone at my church gave me your book. It was the only thing I read that gave me hope that I would make it.” – Jean S., Colorado

Bereavement, even under the most tragic of circumstances, does not necessarily mean the end of joyful living. Recovery from sorrow isn’t easy, but it is possible. By making the decision to recover, setting recovery goals, and making a conscious effort to embrace forgiveness and emotional wellness, it can be done.

Song of Joy, a Guide to Recovery from Sorrow is available in paperback and in Kindle and NOOKbook ebook editions.

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