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G. H. McMahon

Hanginh In

G. H. McMahon is a noted author of short stories. Her current novel, Hanging In is creating a stir in literary circles.  Hanging In is a brilliantly written story of a woman’s life as she overcomes both physical and emotional obstacles.  It is sure to be an American classic.

Hanging In is a story of fiction that, I'm sure is the beginning story of many a sixteen year old girl that wanted nothing more in life then to become someone special in their field of endeavor.  Sarah wanted to become a great ballerina. An accidental meeting with a much older man, a great tragedy, and a self-serving father, lead her to make choice that sends Sarah on a rollercoaster ride through life as she tries to further her education, raise children, and work to support herself and her children.  It is not the usual love story, but a love story it is.  We watch Sarah grow into a stunning woman, and become stronger as she fights for her place in a man's world of business. On the first page of the book, forty-two years after a tragic accident, Sarah thinks, with a mocking smile, It has been a hell of a ride, but I am a survivor. On the last page of the book, with a serene expression, Sarah looks up to the heavens and thinks, I guess God has his own timetable. Hanging In will stir a reader's emotions as you cry, laugh, and cheer for her,  Hang In will keep you on edge and have you remembering the story for a long, long time.

Mrs. McMahon was born, in the western suburbs of Chicago , Illinois , where she went to school, married and raised four children.  She worked in her father's foundry as the switchboard operator in the office, where she became familiar with heavy industrial machinery and later left to work in the inner city of Chicago in heavy industrial manufacturing companies, through the 60's, 70's and 80's. It was not an easy time for a woman in a traditionally male management position.  She designed and had printed employee policy and procedure booklets for manufacturing companies, and a medical procedure manual for the employees of the medical department in a steel mill. The Chicago Tribune and the Columbus Dispatch have printed articles and short stories written by her.  She has presented many non-fiction and fiction stories to various groups, and won an "Outstanding" ward for her non-fiction short story of "Why Not My Son."