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hio Writers’ Guild

Our Mission

The Ohio Writers' Guild is a supportive community of and for Ohio authors. Our mission is to encourage excellent work through peer review, educational programs and promotional events. As the premier organization for Ohio writers since 1988, the guild participates in many community and state events, sponsors weekly gatherings and provides an encouraging community for Ohio's family of authors.

Become a Member

The Ohio Writers’ Guild is open to all Ohioans with an active interest in writing, published and unpublished.  The guild is a community that values personal peer relationships. To become a member, simply attend one of our sessions in person and register with our chairperson Sandi Latimer. There are no membership fees. While we would value your frequent attendance at our meetings, we do understand that we meet during the day and that attendance may be difficult for some, therefore we only require a minimum attendance of one gathering a year.  

Our meetings are very informal and if you want to bring a lunch, or need to leave early, we do understand that for many writers, writing is not your only job.  We look forward to meeting you and hearing your work.

Speakers, Book Signings and Readers

The Ohio Writers' Guild provides speakers on many topics. Many are nationally recognized in their fields. Libraries, churches, service clubs, corporations, professional organizations, conference planners as well as other public and private entities have been served by our members. If your next event is in need of a speaker, please contact us about topics and availability.

New Location For Summer

Summer Location for Weekly Gatherings

Summer sessions (June and July) take place at the Ohioana Library. (274 East 1st Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43201) each Wednesday afternoon, from 1:00 to 3:00. (Get Directions) We don’t meet during August. The change is due to the difficulty of finding parking downtown during the many festivities and summer attractions that the city offers. The Ohioana Library is just east of the Short North and has a large parking lot.  While there you might want to browse its interesting collection of book by or about Ohio authors.